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Latest Journal posted 22 Feb 2012

I logged onto this SoFurry account today after about two years of non-activity with the intention of deactivating it entirely, but I couldn't find any delete button. I then just decided to delete everything manually, but I had a change of heart. I instead decided that I would delete my journals, icon, banner and other unimportant stuff but leave the stories, just in case there was anyone who wanted to continue reading them. I'm actually sort of embarrassed by a lot of what I submitted on here, hehe...

I probably won't be active on this account again.

To those of you who've read my stories and commented/criticized, thank you! Yiffstar/SoFurry had always been a positive influence for me at the time I was active. I really enjoyed writing yiff stories and it made me happy to see people enjoying reading them. I loved reading the nice words as well as constructive criticism after writing a new story and I am glad that I gave it a try. (Also, thank you for being so accepting of my gross, fetishy ma...

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